About Nicaragua

About Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a stunningly beautiful country with lush tropical forests and miles of sandy beaches. Its people are warm and friendly. Relatively untouched by tourism makes it a fascinating destination for visitors wanting to experience authentic Latin American culture and landscapes. For visitors there are historical sites to see, volcanoes to climb, surfing, canopy tours and colonial towns to visit.


For people considering investing and purchasing property in Nicaragua there are many advantages including: the low cost of living and labor, an easy and short trip to and from the U.S., sunshine every day and warm temperatures all year long.

Nicaragua has been a peaceful and democratic country for more than 15 years. Nicaragua is a democratic republic and its leaders are committed to improving the economy and the well-being of its citizens. It is also a very safe country. A study by INCAE, the Harvard Business School affiliate in Managua, reports that Nicaragua is the safest country, and Granada one of the safest cities, in all of Central America.

Nicaragua is an ideal location to visit or to invest and to live.

Quick Facts about NicaraguaMetro Centro Flag

Location: Nicaragua is bordered to the north by Honduras, south by Costa Rica, east by the Caribbean Sea and west by the Pacific Ocean.

Capital City: Managua, population 1.5 million

Population: Approximately 5.3 million

Area: Nicaragua is the largest country in Central American at 129,494 square kilometers.

Water-covered surfaces: Fresh water lakes and crater lagoons cover 9,240 square kilometers of Nicaragua. It contains the largest freshwater body in Central America, Lago de Nicaragua.

Language: Spanish is the official language. English is spoken in some regions of the country, especially in the capital city, and in tourist areas.

Electricity: 110 Volts, 60 Hz. the same as North America. Visitors from Europe and some other countries will need both a converter and an adapter with two parallel flat pins (like the plugs used in North America) for any appliances.

Area Code: After dialing your local international access number dial 505 (the country code of Nicaragua), then the Nicaraguan phone number.

Climate: The zone between the two largest lakes, Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua, and the Pacific Ocean is dry and has relatively little precipitation. Nicaragua has two seasons: Dry and Rainy. Temperatures range between 27:C/81:F and 32:C/90:F during the rainy season and between 30:C/86:F and 35:C/95:F in the dry season. The dry season runs approximately from November to April and the rainy season from May to October.

Time: Nicaragua shares the American Central time zone, same as Chicago or Dallas (6h behind GMT). There is no daylight-savings time in Nicaragua.

Currency: The currency is called the Cordoba. C$18.40 Cordoba is equivalent to $1.00 USD